The American Business Water Coalition Applauds Congress’ Final Interior-Environment Appropriations Bill with Maintained Federal Investment in Water Infrastructure

“The American Business Water Coalition (ABWC) applauds Congress’ bipartisan agreement to maintain investment in our nation’s water infrastructure. Federal investment in water infrastructure is essential for our communities and our economy. While this is good news, ABWC will continue to urge Congress to close the extreme federal water infrastructure funding gap that is wreaking havoc on our country’s businesses and communities, as our nation’s water systems are drastically outdated to meet today’s needs. Currently, federal funding accounts for just 5% of all investment in water infrastructure across the country - a drop in the bucket compared to the estimated $1 trillion needed over the next 25 years to return these critical systems to a state of good repair. We are encouraged by this news but recognize that this fight is far from over.”

- Statement from Mae Stevens, CEO of the American Business Water Coalition

The American Business Water Coalition is a group of water-reliant businesses—from manufacturing to energy to tech and beyond. The coalition provides a platform for businesses across the country to urge Congress and the Administration to increase investment in water infrastructure, and foster relationships between businesses and their local utilities.
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